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      Protective Short & Strippers

      There are some fantastic, cutting edge protective cricket shorts on the market right now, offering unrivalled all-round lower body protection. Providing maximum impact protection to part of the hip, buttocks and both thighs, you can grace the crease with high levels of confidence. To highlight just a few, Aero Strippers are cutting edge technology born through three years of product development and five years of player feedback, while our Shock Doctor Reflex 5 Pad Shorts are of the highest quality.

      Gray-Nicolls All in One Academy Thigh Pad


      £24.95 £30.00

      Hunts County Xero Combo Thigh Pad

      Hunts County

      £25.95 £30.00

      New Balance Lower Body Protector

      New Balance

      £27.95 £35.00

      Gunn & Moore Original L.E. Thigh Pad Set
      Sold Out
      Gunn & Moore Original L.E. Thigh Pad Set

      Gunn & Moore

      £47.95 £55.00

      Adidas 1.0 Combi Thigh Guard


      £33.95 £40.00

      Shock Doctor Women's Compression Short
      Sold Out
      Shock Doctor Women's Compression Short

      Shock Doctor

      £34.95 £35.00

      Kookaburra Players Pro Guard


      £48.95 £60.00

      Kookaburra 500 Pro Guard


      £31.95 £40.00

      Gray-Nicolls Legend 360 Thigh Pad


      £49.95 £60.00

      Gray-Nicolls All in One Thigh Pad


      £32.95 £40.00